ASPCA Website

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has been operating in North America for 150 years. Their mission is “to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States.” The ASPCA partnered with Boston Interactive to redesign their website in late 2015. The original site has slowly become a dumping ground for new content and resulted in hard to reach content, poor site navigation, and a less than desirable donation process. Our primary goals were to make content easier to find, improve the donation process flows, and offer up new strategies to make donors feel special and recognized so that potential new donors feel encouraged to take action.

UX Designer

The Challenge

The biggest challenge our team faced was untangling the current architecture of the website. We also used this as an opportunity to promote better syntax and labeling for things that were proven to be confusing to their users. This work would lead to better overall navigation of the site and easier access points for donations. We identified three core user groups: Donors, Advocates and Fundraisers. Donors wanted more recognition and full transparency on how their money was being used, while advocates typically only become interested in animal rights after becoming a pet owner—more inclined to donate or volunteer at other organizations. And fundraisers see their act of fundraising to be enough, but wanted better ways to track their progress.

Untangling the Architecture

The current site became a dumping ground for anyone who had access to the CMS. It was an entanglement of broken links, dead ends, duplicate content and confusing labeling.


We did several rounds of wireframes and user testing to validate the new paths and labeling.

The New Homepage

The goal of the new design was to elevate the key animals in crisis issues, better communicate ASPCA goals and provide better pathways to take action.

All the Issues

The new issues page utilized elevated statistical data to push a call to action.


The new fundraiser page offered a way to track progress and see donations as they came in.

Donation Flows

The new donation flow simplified the process by breaking it up into three simple steps. This was well received because it allowed users to stop and think about how much they're willing to give for any given issue.

Mobile All the Things!

The entire site was designed to be responsive for mobile devices.


Samantha Catoggio - Visual Design

Brady Bonus - Lead UX