Keurig Technician App

Tools to Streamline Operations and Enhance Service Levels for Customers

As a freelancer I worked closely with Carter Edwards + Co, a Boston based design agency, to support their ongoing work for Keurig's new Asset Management Portal (AMP). This portal would support Keurig's latest corporate line of WIFI connected coffee brewers to facilitate the ordering process and communicate with service technicians when problems arise.

Jul 2019 - Sep 2019
Product Designer
The Challenge

Keurig and their distribution partners deploy and maintain millions of brewers nationwide. The processes of managing this are largely manual and are hindering Keurig’s B2B growth. With the introduction of their first WIFI commercial brewer, Keurig will have the opportunity to be more proactive and efficient with how they service their customers. My role was to work with field service teams to design the iOS experience that helped field technicians install, maintain, and service their clients proactively.

User Insights

Evaluating the Current Experience

Keurig provided our team with requirements and documentation on key user groups. My first task was to understand the current technician experience and identify key pain points.

Key Pain Points

Responding to Partial or Incorrect Information

Technicians need easy access to detailed information about a single brewer and the ability to troubleshoot with a customer over the phone. By eliminating wasted trips, and improving the functionality of the equipment, overall efficiency is increased.

Technicians Work Better as a Team

Technicians want to view the service history of a brewer and then use that data to discuss product issues with their team.

Data Helps Diagnose

The data on the type of coffee used in a brewer and how much it brews impacted the efficacy of troubleshooting issues.

Shift from Reactive to Proactive

Technicians struggled to monitor the health of a specific brewers in different locations across the country. This made it difficult for them to organize their work, including the training of staff and keep tabs on the parts needed in stock.

Flow Diagrams

Understanding the Scope

To understand what screens and functionality was needed at the time, I mapped out flow diagrams and vetted them with the design and engineering teams.


Keurig Design System

I used Keurig's established design system to quickly lay out the core screens. I also added mobile friendly elements, focused on iOS, since this app was being positioned for iOS devices, followed by Android at a future release.

View Errors & Input Service Reports

Technicians could collect data by scanning a QR code found on every brewer or input serial codes manually to easily view key product and account details, error codes, service history, and finally, submit service reports.

Adding Service Reports

Technicians could track past service details and input new information.

Brewer Installation

Technicians could now easily install new brewers and add vital account information during the installation process.


Easy Data Collection

An intuitive mobile experience provided an easy way to input data that would populate Keurig's AMP database.

Better Organization

This design improved how technicians organized themselves, train their staff, and track necessary stock parts.

Reduced Travel

Because office managers could now precisely communicate issues when brewers experienced issues, technicians no longer needed to travel to inspect the product, thereby minimizing travel time and optimizing their routes across their teams.