Keurig Brewer Install & Repair

A Boston based agency called Carter Edwards + Co hired me to help them with a few on-going projects they have with the coffee giant, Keurig.

Product Designer

The Challenge

Keurig is working on a better way to connect their authorized distributor network with their corporate grade machines. Historically, when a machine goes down it's up to the office manager tied to the Keurig account to contact the distributor and request repairs. The distributor had no way of knowing exactly what errors were being thrown or had any insight on performance or service history on the machine.

View Errors & Input Service Reports

Users can collect data by scanning a QR code found on every machine, input serial codes manually if needed to easily view error codes, product and account details and submit service reports.

Add Service Reports

Users can track past service details and add new service details.

Brewer Installation

Distributors can add account information during the install of a brewer.